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Preventative digital health tool for workplaces. provides your employees with the tools they need to make sustainable changes in their lives, no matter how busy or hectic things get.

Person stretching

Did you know...

Regularly sitting for more than 2hrs increases Type 2 Diabetes risk by 14%?

Health is the whole person.  Psychological, physical, and social.

Healthy people are more productive.’s team of Medical and Allied Health professionals guide employees through micro nudges to help them achieve better physical, mental and emotional health. features.

We put the power in your hands.

Nudge technology.

Enterprise-wide, automated health micro-learning and behavioural change through low-touch nudges.

Wellbeing Libraries.

Over 300 tools and counting!

Access what you need, when you need it, in less time than a coffee break. We put the power in your hands.

Heatmaps & achievement logs.

Track your own progress, and keep yourself accountable. suite

Create a ripple effect of health.

  • Whole person health.

  • Health promotion in real time.

  • Preventative.

  • Behaviour modification.

  • Team culture.

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